Saturday, November 15, 2008

Freelancers Union: a great resource for artists

This is a great orginization that artists of all kinds should know about. I'll let them speak for themselves in terms of their member benefits:

Benefits of Membership

Becoming a Member of Freelancers Union Offers You Security,

Community, and Visibility.

Gain access to affordable health and dental insurance

Feel secure with term life and disability insurance

Attend professional seminars, workshops and networking events

Exchange services with other freelancers nationwide

Find new clients on our Gigs board

List your skills in our Member Directory

Get discounts from Staples, Zipcar, YMCA, and more

Membership in Freelancers Union is free.

Why Join Freelancers Union?
More People, More Pull.

By the simple act of joining Freelancers Union, you become an advocate for independent workers. You’re part of a group that’s working together toward the same goal.

By being a member, you tell policy makers that you believe in affordable health care, fair taxation, and access to a social safety net that includes unemployment insurance and unpaid wage claims.

Freelancers now make up 30% of the U.S. workforce. If we can unite on the issues, policy makers will take notice.

Check them out. They do good work to help professional artists make it on their own.

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