Friday, November 14, 2008

Banish Artistic Blocks with Rituals from Natalie Maisel and

Natalie Maisel and

Whether it's writer's block, painter's block, or stage fright, facing a creative block is one of the most challenging, and often reoccurring frustrations in any artist's life.

San Diego based yoga teacher, and ritual instructor, Natalie Maisel has developed a set of recorded rituals available for download on her website, that will help you free your inner demons, cast of old baggage, and refocus on your work with renewed insight and intention.

Each ritual explains the potential for power and transformation inherent in each phase of the moon, and then leads you on a journey to harness that energy through a grounding meditation, elemental invocations, circle casting, lore, guided meditation and ritual.

I have found these rituals extremely helpful in my own work. Check them out, and consider them as part of your positive gift giving during the holiday season.

Natalie Maisel can be contacted directly at, and you can view her blog, Fox's Notebook, here.

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