Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Help an Artist in Need

I received this heartbreaking letter this morning from one of my oldest friends. Her friend is struggling with cancer and horrible medical bills (thanks again America for providing your citizens with affordable healthcare.) He is selling his artwork at a very discounted rate to help pay his medical bills. I hope you'll have a look and consider making a purchase...

Hi there to all friends and family,

Many of you know about my cancer situation but not all of you know about the latest development.  My cancer has decided to revisit me and found a home in my liver. Actually, it’s only an apartment and I plan to evict it ASAP. !!
We have been struggling with the enormous burden of past medical bills related to my surgery in January, but now I am faced with yet another treatment regimen  ( an expensive one).  Drs at Stanford University have had some success using this protocol and I plan on sharing in that success.  
My other plan is to help to defray these costs by offering original Mixed Media Artwork to any one who would be interesting in helping. You may find this artwork at    <>  < 
I am offering these original pieces of artwork for a donation of $35 each. They are approximately 6” x 6” and are constructed to “float” on your wall, not needing a frame.  I have titled this series : The Dreamscape Series  and I hope you will take some time when you get the chance and visit the site to view these pieces.  The site is PayPal ready and you may purchase items that way or just email me with your choice and I will provide info on how to get the piece shipped to you. More info on the website.  Free shipping is included.  
Hope you like the series and please feel free to forward this email to anyone you think might be interested in purchasing a piece. 
Thank you all for your continuing support through all of this. If there is anything that I could do for any of you, you know that I would consider that a privilege. 
Don Desmarais <>  <>