Sunday, November 16, 2008

Artists can give and recieve with

I am sharing this because nobody, and I mean NOBODY...with the exception of teachers (and if you are and ART TEACHER, like I was, Lord help you!) has more "stuff" then artists!

I just came across this great website through business coach Charrise's blog Emergence Business Coaching.

She speaks in her post about the need to get get rid of things...something as someone who got rid of most of her possessions and sold her house 3 years ago to "free up" for a new life, can REALLY relate to. Stuff can be great...stuff can be a burden.

Giving to charities is awesome, and mostly what I did with my things, and provides another great way to connect with people who may really need what you've got! And, hey, when you are looking for something, what a great way to possibly find it for free.

I love this! Everybody wins! Check it out!

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Karyn said...

Freecycle is awesome!