Sunday, November 16, 2008

Artists can give and recieve with

I am sharing this because nobody, and I mean NOBODY...with the exception of teachers (and if you are and ART TEACHER, like I was, Lord help you!) has more "stuff" then artists!

I just came across this great website through business coach Charrise's blog Emergence Business Coaching.

She speaks in her post about the need to get get rid of things...something as someone who got rid of most of her possessions and sold her house 3 years ago to "free up" for a new life, can REALLY relate to. Stuff can be great...stuff can be a burden.

Giving to charities is awesome, and mostly what I did with my things, and provides another great way to connect with people who may really need what you've got! And, hey, when you are looking for something, what a great way to possibly find it for free.

I love this! Everybody wins! Check it out!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Freelancers Union: a great resource for artists

This is a great orginization that artists of all kinds should know about. I'll let them speak for themselves in terms of their member benefits:

Benefits of Membership

Becoming a Member of Freelancers Union Offers You Security,

Community, and Visibility.

Gain access to affordable health and dental insurance

Feel secure with term life and disability insurance

Attend professional seminars, workshops and networking events

Exchange services with other freelancers nationwide

Find new clients on our Gigs board

List your skills in our Member Directory

Get discounts from Staples, Zipcar, YMCA, and more

Membership in Freelancers Union is free.

Why Join Freelancers Union?
More People, More Pull.

By the simple act of joining Freelancers Union, you become an advocate for independent workers. You’re part of a group that’s working together toward the same goal.

By being a member, you tell policy makers that you believe in affordable health care, fair taxation, and access to a social safety net that includes unemployment insurance and unpaid wage claims.

Freelancers now make up 30% of the U.S. workforce. If we can unite on the issues, policy makers will take notice.

Check them out. They do good work to help professional artists make it on their own.

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Big Dreams for Artists...and never give them up.

Reach for the StarImage by `jonathan gill via Flickr

The Wellness Journey blog, by Traci Trainer, has another great post for artists. Especially if you need a little reminder to dream BIG, and NEVER give up! Check it out, here.

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Want to be nothing.

Seated Buddha, from the Chinese Tang dynasty, ...Image via Wikipedia

Some words of wisdom on the Zen of doing nothing, and how it can surprise you by being everything. Check out this great blog from Caroline...

The Zen In You: Day 12- Do NOTHING today

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Intuition an Artist's Best Friend

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Intuition is such an potent part of the creative process. Health blogger Vanessa Smith, MA, CLC wrote some great words on this subject on her awesome blog, Let Your Life Bloom.


Let Your Life Bloom: Intuition: Your new best friend
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Friday, November 14, 2008

Banish Artistic Blocks with Rituals from Natalie Maisel and

Natalie Maisel and

Whether it's writer's block, painter's block, or stage fright, facing a creative block is one of the most challenging, and often reoccurring frustrations in any artist's life.

San Diego based yoga teacher, and ritual instructor, Natalie Maisel has developed a set of recorded rituals available for download on her website, that will help you free your inner demons, cast of old baggage, and refocus on your work with renewed insight and intention.

Each ritual explains the potential for power and transformation inherent in each phase of the moon, and then leads you on a journey to harness that energy through a grounding meditation, elemental invocations, circle casting, lore, guided meditation and ritual.

I have found these rituals extremely helpful in my own work. Check them out, and consider them as part of your positive gift giving during the holiday season.

Natalie Maisel can be contacted directly at, and you can view her blog, Fox's Notebook, here.

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